Where do you see yourself in the future, regarding family, employment, and life in general?

How did you first discover Discuss Anything? Was it even called "Discuss Anything" at the time?

Who exactly is Katalina and why are you stalking her?

Does your username on DA have any kind of story behind it?

Feel free to surrender as much or as little of the following information as you like: education, sexual preference, height, weight, relationship status, religious or spiritual beliefs, and greatest fear in life.

How does one retire by age 29? And how does one define "retirement," for that matter?

Y'know, for a dude with over 17k posts, you don't seem to be nearly the attention whore one might assume. Do you see yourself as more of a poster or a lurker these days? And was there ever a time on DA you averaged more than 5.5 posts a day?

Are you registered to vote? Do you belong to a political party? In the years you have been old enough to vote, who did you vote for in the U.S. presidential elections, in order of earliest election to most recent?

What kind of threads on DA do you enjoy reading or participating in? And which ones do avoid, if any?

Are there any members of DA you have on ignore? Have there been users in the past you put on ignore?

Can you explain why the words "DebateAnything" (also known as The Other DA) are censored on discussanything?

Please explain the back story on the following bannings, assuming you actually know anything about them: Caddis, Eeper, Powerboss, LionOfIslam, The face of Jacob, and Samson.

As long as you have everyone's attention, is there anything else you would like to share at this time?

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