Where do you see yourself in the future, regarding family, employment, and life in general? Where you see America?

I take one day at a time. Neegah.

It's no secret that you are no great admirer of Barack Obama. Could you restate your criticisms of this man, for the uninitiated?

Obama is one clever Kenyan. He left a minimal trail in his political career. In fact, even his birth certificate cannot be located.

How did you first discover Discuss Anything?

No comment.

What impact has DA had on your life, if any? What impact do you feel you have had on DA?

The really important thing is the wonderful impact I have had on people at DA.

Tell us a bit about the other DA, Debate Anything. How did the feud begin between the two sites? Why do you assert that many of the members over there are degenerate pederasts?

I will have to get back to you on this. I think a number of individuals joined after they were embarrassed that I uncovered the COWPUNK HOAX.

What former notable members of DA do you feel deserve their own article in this wiki?

There are so many. How about POWERBOSS?

Of the DA members who are still active in the community, who interests you the most? What makes their posts appealing to you?


You are known for your strong distaste for sock accounts. What negative impact do you feel they have had on DA, and what measures do you recommend the DA administrators take against their controllers?

Socks are a fact of life here on the internet. Hopefully that sock inventory thread exposes more socks.

Which sock accounts do you feel have been the most egregious? Of the active sock accounts, who do you believe to be behind each account?

That is a profound question. One never knows if someone is a sock or not. Ya smell meh?

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