TeZcaTLiPoCa, you're known as somebody who has studied the principles of personal development for a long time. Applying these principles to yourself, you've coincidentally become a model of personal development and inspiration to many around you. Although success is different for every individual, it is a generally accepted notion that people are much happier when they grow, develop, and are good at what they do. How do some people like yourself become very proficient in their fields much faster than most?

I guess the first thing that people really need to understand about me is that I'm the living incarnation of an ancient Aztec deity, powered by the blood sacrifices of his minions. As any fool can plainly see, I am the lord of the Aztec gods in addition to being the god of the sun and darkness. But did you also know I possess superhuman strength, stamina, longevity, and resistance to harm? It's true! I've also been known to shapeshift and teleport upon occasion, though those activities are more hobbies than professional interests. So it should really come as no surprise that I'm naturally the best at anything and everything that I do. While mortal men cannot follow my lead directly, they can always strive to be ever more like my godly self. And that's what matters, trying your best. :)

How and when did you discover

I first took notice of DA when I stumbled across Snouter's video describing the community on Youtube. It seemed like an interesting forum, so I created an account and started posting. And things will never be the same again!

...or something.

How did you arrive at the idea of creating this wiki for DA?

I've enjoyed my time on DA thus far, and am interested in learning more about it. I overheard some members discussing a former member of the community by the name of Boedicca. I asked Snouter who this person was, as Snouter is wise beyond his years and has taught me much on my journeys through the DA landscape! He mentioned that the DA community really needs their own wiki portal to chart who is who, and I thought, "What a great idea! Let's get started right away."

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