Where do you see yourself in the future, regarding family, employment, and life in general?

I see a large black hole and i'm sucked into it.

How did you first discover Discuss Anything?

It was marked with an x on an old map i found

What impact has DA had on your life, if any? What impact do you feel you have had on DA?

Everything suddenly became clear and ever since i try to enlighten my fellow DAérs to give up their illusions and follow me.

What programs do you use in creating your art? What operating system is your pc running on?

I can't reveal anything about that due to safety issues.

Which boards do you find yourself posting on the most? Which boards do you tend to stay away from, if any?

I only hang around on DA.

You're widely regarded as one of the hunks in the DA community. Do you find that your status as an internet sex symbol aids or impairs your ability to be taken seriously in discussions?

It's hard to be beautiful, but i try to teach people look beyond the surface.

Have you always been an atheist or were you at some point in your life religious? What are your thoughts on organized religion, for those who aren't familiar?

I used to believe in the big Coco, but it turned out he was a nut.

Is there anything else that you would like the world to know about you?

I know the location of the g-spot

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