A sock puppet controlled by a psychotic individual with a propensity for posting irreverent threads that make little to no sense whatsoever. Most of Crumps threads are either moved to TEF, or locked. Despite being an obvious troll, Crump has yet to be banned as the moderators seem to enjoy his antics. This in turn irritates Crump to no end, as trolls don't like being ignored. At one point Crump vowed to spam the boards with animal porn if his account was not deleted within 24 hours, but this proved to be an empty threat.

Posting StyleEdit

Many of Crumps threads center around masturbation, anal sex, transsexuals, and bestiality.

Like all trolls, Crump knows that caps lock is cruise control for cool.

Suspected ControllersEdit

Crump has at one point or another been accused of being Snouter, Corporate Avenger, Corky, Evil Elmo, and a member of The Other DA. His true identity remains unknown to the ignorant DA masses, though several with mod powers seem to know who he truly is.

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