Dogberry is a 45 year old Police Sergeant who lives and works on a small island north east of France.

He previously served in the Royal Air Force as his did his father and grandfather, all of them rising through the ranks to the advanced seniority of corporal.

He did not really get on with military life, most of which consists of standing around looking gormless ( although he has a natural aptitude for this) and cleaning things. Although his impressive CV does reveal a skill or two from those military days, such as an ability to point a rifle at people and shout bang with confidence.

He can be mostly found surfing threads on DA poking fun at others and occasionally picking fights with people "for the hell of it" an act known throughout t'internet at 'trolling'.

In his spare time when not posting on DA he plays sport, walks his dog, eats cheese and stares blankly at walls. Otherwise he also runs an internet based company "for laughs" and is a full time crime fighter and preserver of truth justice and the American British way

Now stop reading and get a life.

Thank you

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