Dolphus Joseph "Duffy Joe" Barnabus was a rich dawg, CEO of Deadly Smellz, Inc., and founder of Duffy-Joe-Ville.

Early Life

Barnabus was born on September 23, 1934 to a working-class family at their shack at 123 Just A Road in Some Unknown Place, Another Land to parents Gladys Georges-Barnabus (1899-1976) and Gordon Barnabus (1894-1959). He was the fifth of seven children: Quinton dePooh "Quinnie dePooh" Barnabus (1921-1989), Florence Gordonia "FloGo" Barnabus (1925-1997), Joseph Blooming "JoBlo" Barnabus (1925-1979), Yoshi Yogi "YoYo" Barnabus (1932- ), Edwardine Jocelyn "EdJo" Barnabus (1939-2009), and Weldon Boris "WelBo" Barnabus (1946- ). He was nicknamed "DoJo." His mother worked as a homemaker for the family, and was of Scottish and English descent. His father was an engineer, and was of Dutch descent. From age six to thirteen, Barnabus attended Jugoman H. Wilson School. From thereon to age seventeen, he attended Another Land Regional High School. After graduating, he worked as an assistant to his father, but quit a year later to explore the unexplored The Valley of...Nothing.


When Barnabus discovered the soils of The Valley of...Nothing to be rich in toxic chemicals, he built a plant in present-day Gloginshnort-ville; for the exporting of these goods. He was nineteen years old. Two years later, his business; Deadly Smellz, Inc. failed. He scraped together his profits and erected Duffy Joe's Hotel & Resort. However, many of the hotel's customers would stay in the hotel past their checkout dates; and would squat their rooms. One squatter, Frankie Archibald Warrens; told Barnabus of how they could use the squatters to his advantage, and build a new town; which the two men founded. Barnabus first erected a few businesses and city services. 


On March 17, 1980, Barnabus was eaten by his pet crocodile, Fluffy. He was allegedly feeding his crocodilian killer at his artificial swamp at Duffy Joe's Hotel & Resort. He was rushed to Duffy Joe's General Hospital and was pronounced dead at 4:10 P.M. He was forty-five years old. Forensic scientists discovered that Fluffy's motivation to kill was because of Barnabus' feeding him of CrocCuisine crocodile food instead of Kaleb's Killer Krokz crocodile food. Fluffy Barnabus had been convicted of second-degree manslaughter on October 1, 1981; and was sentenced to thirty-four years behind bars, and held on $650,000 parole. He is scheduled to be released on October 1, 2015.

Personal Life

On January 29, 1965; Barnabus married Madeline Patricia Denland, his long-lost high school sweetheart; in the main courtyard of Duffy Joe's Hotel & Resort. On July 16, 1968, Madeline Barnabus gave birth to twin boys; McPherson and MacPhelden Barnabus.

Other Facts

Born: September 23, 1934 in Some Unknown Place, Another Land

Died: March 17, 1980 in Duffy-Joe-Ville, Rainbowland (aged 45)

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