An up and coming gun builder from Mesa, AZ, the DA member known as Evil Elmo is a Premium Member. Evil Elmo, or Aaron as he is known in real life, is the creator of the social group the League of Equal Opportunity Haters, a haven for malcontents and misanthropes to coalesce. Evil Elmo has been a member of DA since 2002 and currently has over 7,000 posts. He is the younger brother of Bo. Evil Elmo's hobbies consist of collecting various Anime series and movies as well as acting as an outrageous beer snob. His beer preference is generally anything dark with high alcohol content such as Abbey Dubbels, Abbey Tripels and the often feared by the faint of heart the Abbey Quadrupel. A former network, AS/400, and Mainframe admin, Elmo has shifted his interests to the less lucrative yet more fulfilling firearms business, building custom firearms for resell. His first creation was a converted Saiga 12 automatic shotgun with a folding stock, pistol grip, enhanced trigger mechanism, high capacity magazine, and full rail installed with duracoat and parkerized finish. His next custom firearm will likely be a 24" lightweight 6.5 Grendel AR-15 based hunting/target/sniper rifle custom made for Bo. The purpose of his current endeavors is to build enough experience and aquire the funds for licensing and certifications to eventually open his own custom firearm business. Evil Elmo also has an Arizona concealed carry permit, which is now unnecessary due to revised Arizona carry laws.

In summary: Do NOT attempt to mug Elmo, carjack Elmo, or attempt to break into Elmo's home. He will perforate you.

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