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Fat mike, or "FAt Fluck" as he is perhaps better known, claims to be a 51 year old bus ticket agent named Bruce from Austin, TX. Fat mike is not a NOFX fan, despite naming himself after their lead singer. He admits openly to having at least two sock puppet accounts, though he denies having any on DA. Fat Mike also claims to be German, but freely admits he has never been to Germany. He is an active member on both DA and "the other DA."

Fat mike is perhaps best known for his distinct manner of posting, which is short but incomprehensible. Many threads begun by fat mike have devolved into discussions around what the original post actually meant and what it revealed about fat mike's tortured psyche.

Eeper ControversyEdit

See main article, Eeper

Fat mike is a known friend and associate of the controversial DA member known as Eeper. Eeper has stalked former DA great Spab both online and off, and is generally regarded as one of the creepiest members of the DA community. Despite this, fat mike remains a close friend and confidant.

Homosexual ExperiencesEdit

It is rumoured Fat mike has slept with another man at least once, which some think contradicts his requent claim to be celibate for more than twenty years though the possibility that such an experience might have occurred long ago apparently hasnt crossed their military minds.

and of course the rumours migth be false...

Mental HospitalEdit

Fat mike spent some time in a mental hospital as a younger man. While there he met a young woman named Jenny, but their relationship didn't go very far.

Relationship with the other DAEdit

Fat mike is privy to the true identities of most sock puppet accounts on DA, particularly those who function as spies for the other DA. Fat mike has disavowed any knowledge of what accounts are controlled by whom, but critics argue that this is merely a cover up for his cronies.

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