Gloginshnort-ville is located in Rainbowland with a population of 4,000. Gloginshnort-ville is more of a sports town but there is a Luxury Bathroom Agency and a Gamestop and the Rainbowland hospital which are located left on Curtis Granderson parkway. The sports teams are the Carpet Boa's, Whoppin butt, the AK-47's, and the Jack Hammers. The Rainbowland capital is also located in Gloginshnort-ville. The capital building is a Quiksilver pro shop with a big white dome. Gloginshnort-ville is also valued with a recreation center, who they share with the Gloginshnort-ville sports teams. There is a baseball field, soccer field, football field, hockey rink, and a basketball court. In that same area there is the capital building, but it is not only recreation center and area of capital building but there's Carmelo parking lot. But to get into that area you have to go by the Jeremy Lin toll boothe. The most popular baby names for boys are : #1:Glogin, #2:Billy bob Joe, #3:Bob, #4: Phil, #5:Acon. Now the most popular name for galz are : #1:Ke$ha, #2 Nadia, #3:Wilma, #4:Katy, #5:Manaj. The Gloginshnort-ville language (Gloginshnortan) every sentence starts with yo. Example Yo, go to school.The zip code is: 14164 and the area code is:877. This territory just went through a civil war with Duffy-Joe-ville and Jack-Waggon-ville. Jack Waggon-ville thought that Carmelo parking lot was some of his town and Duffy-Joe-ville did not want any part of my territory and he banned my languange from his town, same with Jack-Waggon-ville so they became allies.So they got annoyed and held president of Rainbowland Bobby Wattingham in hostage tied to the wall. Then they had to end it, so then mayor Gloginshnort sent a peace treaty that stated: "I own parking lot but you get %25 profits. I will realease Bob Wattingham. War is now over. "

Signature: Erika Rolland, Jananda-dog

Gloginshnort-ville also has 2 roads which are: Curtis Granderson parkway and Jim Leonard BLVD.


President of Rainbowland Bobby Wattingham sentenced to death penalty for being a Democrat and has been stretched to death and shot by two ray guns in the head. Democrats are illeagel in Rainbowland.


Curtis Granderson was voted new president of Rainbowland there was a vote and there was a tie in the vote with J-Diggs Dog so rock, paper ,scizors decided it. He also beat out Joe Dawsberg, Jankery Dawsberg, Nut Ginggrich, Mayor Gloginshnort. Nut Ginggrich will be executed because he was apart of the democrat party.

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