IFF is from Co. Louth, Republic of Ireland. He has been a member of the DA since early 2002. He is most noted for being the Irish person. He is a noted fan of almost anything there is apart from sexual relations as he is an asexual. He also tried to do a greatest sportsperson of all time. This was an unmitigated disaster.

Despite being Irish, he lacks many of the key characteristics of Irish people mainly that he is a pacifist and he has not drank a drop of alcohol since the end of 2003. While his name is derived from Irish Freedom Fighter, IFF has since disowned the notion of patriotism towards any country

IFF has also tried his hand at short story writing and has attempted to draw things. see below.

IFF provides a weekly music reccomendation service. His addiction to buying music is bad. To prove this, he is actually on first name terms with the person who owns his favourite record shop which is quite ironic as one day in Dublin when he was with a friend who was doing comic book shopping, the friend knew a comic book store worker but it turned out that this was not for the same reason iff knows the record shop owner but that his friend was in college with the comic book employee.

His greatest literary love is Gabriel Garcia Marquez novels. This, iff owes to a former user in Spab

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