I first came into contact with jwreck back in 2003 when I joined DA. At the time he was bar tending so we shared a common interest in all things spiritual (liquid) and we had some great conversations re:"The Stupid Things Customers Do" and "Lousy Tippers". Ah, those were the days. I also blame him for introducing me to Patron Tequila which is a curse given that it goes for over $100 a bottle in my neck of the woods...thanks bud!

Not long after that he informed us all that he was leaving the service industry to begin training as an EMT and after a fairly grueling training period he came out the other side as the fully qualified life saver we all know today.

Flash forward to a time of personal trouble which I will not elaborate on except to say that he was in a place very near to hell for quite some time. Being the type of guy he is he managed with time to rise above the situation and put his life back together and I for one was quite impressed with the way he handled himself.

For some strange reason he has, of late taken an interest in Hockey which I have always found amusing given his geographic location. I'm still not sure if he's a participant or a fan or both but it hardly matters.

He remains one of a very few members of the board that are a.) still active and b.) Welcome in my establishment for a beer and an ear.

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