One of the most funny figures to ever grace Discuss Anything, Snouter is also one of the greatest artists, musicians, philosopher, athlete, a renaissance man, according to his biggest fan, himself. Because of his hilarious and profound insight into the human psyche, grasp of world events, and seemingly infinite knowledge and experience, the Shoutbox was renamed the Snoutbox to acknowledge his genius and value. His interests include listening to and playing heavy metal music, discussing modern politics, and raging against Blacks and Jews. Some say that he may have done too much LSD at a Ted Nugent concert, although other rumours suggest that Snouter only jokes around and doesn't mean most of the crap he's saying. Despite his excellent skill on the guitar, and 1980's non-haircut, Snouter has had less sex with women than anybody on DA, with the possible exception of Gibson and TLG.

Being completely humiliated by CR and Truth Teller, Snouter decided to retire from DA December 31, 2008. His offer of $10 remains to anyone who can find any factual error in any of his posts, since his parents are retired Jewish businessmen, they will be able to afford the bill.

On a sock email account, Snouter occasionally gets email notifications related to DA's sister sock site that FAt fluck manages. This is mildly amusing to Snouter.

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Snouter is an active member of the Youtube and LiveVideo communities. Most recently he has been focusing his creative energies on the Vloggerheads website.

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