Tezcatlipoca Deus


When pressed to describe himself for this article, the Discuss Anything member known as Tezcatlipoca's only response was "Power made flesh."

His profile suggests that he may be a deranged person who sees himself as the vessel of an Aztec deity, though he seems to drift back and forth between seeing himself as an actual god and the Marvel comics depiction of that god. It is also possible that he does not realize that there is a difference between the two. He is perhaps best known for at one point averaging over 20 posts a day, many of which are located in the Creative Creations section of the forum in the form of poorly written Haiku poems and short story fragments. When online, he can invariably be found in the Snoutbox.

He encourages others to edit this page however they see fit to describe him.

TeZ is clearly highly intelligent and observant. Normally, these characteristics would bore someone perusing Discussanything, but he seems to acknowledge the entertainment value provided by the many flucktards on Discussanything.

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